Our patients and teams rely on consistent attendance. We ask that you consider this commitment fully before applying.

Community Health Worker (CHW) / Outreach

The Community Health Worker (CHW) is responsible for all documentation in the patient’s chart during an outreach encounter. This position could also be asked to take vitals or assist the medical team by working directly with the clients on eliminating social determinants to care.

Medical Staff

Nurse, MD, PA, and EMT will work in the scope of discipline they have earned. Wound care, triage, and health literacy is a fundamental part of our outreach team.

Duties include becoming familiar with and managing wound care and medical/diagnostic packs, recording inventory of supplies, and dispensing medications upon clinician requests. The personnel at the vitals station are responsible for checking the vitals signs of every patient who will be seen by a clinician and reporting them to the assigned CHW. Vitals measured include blood pressure, heart rate, O2 saturation, temperature, and glucose level.

Mental health Clinician

LSW and LPCs will work in conjunction with our outreach team in providing assessments. This position is also needed in our offices to offer continuous therapy and for finding appropriate resources for the those with behavioral, mental, or substance abuse issues.

Duties include providing psychosocial assessment including assessment for safety, therapeutic intervention to stabilize persons experiencing trauma or crisis, referral to outpatient clinic or community resources based on presenting issues.

Office Support

Office Support is responsible for greeting the patient, alleviating any concerns they may have, and assisting with hospitality items (water, socks, etc.). In the case of the client requiring medical attention, the office support staff gathers the chief complaint, assigns a CHW to the encounter and triages the patients based on medical priority.

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